Why Fire Alarms Are Important

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Probably one of the worst disasters that could ever strike is a fire. It?s the type of accident that is very subtle; it can start from a very small source and gain momentum very fast. Worst of all fire can leave a lot of damage to life and property in its wake. This is the main reason why fire alarms are required to be in establishments and infrastructures that people frequent on a daily basis. In most cases having a fire alarm could mean the difference between life and death.

Fires can be caused by many things. Faulty electrical equipment or even an exposed or un-insulated wire could cause a spark that could easily start a fire provided it is near anything flammable. This is why people are advised to switch of electrical equipment when not in use, to prevent any unwanted accidents especially if there are no people in the same room. Some fires are even caused by simple carelessness, like a cigarette that fell from an ashtray straight to the carpet or the bed or maybe a gas stove left open.

There are so many items today that can easily catch fire, chances are more than 50% of the objects in people?s homes or work places are extremely flammable. This is why it is also important to be organized and mindful when keeping and storing objects. Highly flammable items such as alcohol based materials, paper, and other objects of that nature should be kept away from cooking areas or areas with sockets or electrical equipment. People should be one step ahead of fires; they should have a good idea of where to put things to lessen the possibility of fires.

Early warning devices such as fire alarms must also be installed to insure that in case of fire people would have a means to alert others of the coming disaster. The alarms must be placed in every floor and in an accessible manner so people will not have any trouble identifying them even in case smoke has already built up. The alarms are usually installed near exit points so people who want to turn them on can do so on their way out. The alarms are also usually found coupled with fire extinguishers to help people kill the fire or keep it at bay as they exit the establishment.

Smoke alarms are also used in most establishments alongside fire alarms. Unlike the fire alarm, a smoke alarm need not be turned on. Once the smoke from a fire rises up within the detectors range it will automatically trigger an alarm that notifies both people inhabiting the building and the local fire department. Smoke detectors are becoming as common as fire alarms some are even installed in residential areas.

Fire alarms can be very helpful against fires, it could give people a chance to suppress the fire before it gets worse or escape before they get harmed. Installation however should not be the only concern of building owners or people who wish to use the alarms. People expected to frequent the place should also be educated either by signs or orientations as to how to use and reach the alarms.